Generic Propecia


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Advantages of Generic Propecia

  • Helps to re-grow hair –This medicine enhances hair growth and increases the number of hair strands on the scalp. Besides, it also slowdowns the hair loss process. It also increases the growth of hair and provides with healthy hair on the bald patches.
  • Similar to its brand equivalent in quality and safety value – It contains the same active ingredient called Finasteride as its brand product. It is equivalent to its brand equivalent on all aspects such as effect, strength and dosage. Generic Propecia is therefore the best aid that treats this complication effective and makes it possible for every man to look young and smart with healthy hair in good density.
  • Cheaper than its brand equivalent – It is cheap as well as an effective medication to treat male pattern baldness. Generic Propecia being a generic medication that is available at an affordable cost as compared to the brand medication and the other generic medications that are meant for the treatment of this complication called male pattern baldness.
  • Generic Propecia (Finasteride) gives confidence in men- It provides men with confidences that are low at confidence due to male pattern baldness.