Kamagra Oral Jelly


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About oral jellies

These are Transparent or translucent nongreasy semisolid dosage form for oral use made up of small inorganic particles or large organic with a liquid or suspension interpenetrated in it and are proposed for oral or external application to mucous membranes and can be ingested without water. Medicated jelly formulations are more appropriate for kids, elderly and dysphagia patients as they dissolve and get absorbed in the stomach rapidly and have early onset of action.

Salient features of Kamagra oral jelly

  • Kamagra oral jelly is highly efficacious in its therapeutic activity producing up to 96% efficacy is most of the cases.
  • It is rapidly acting as provides firm and hard erection within 30-60 minutes after consumption
  • It is an oral medication to be taken by mouth and hence, convenient to administer as compared to other treatment options available for the treatment of ED
  • The efficacy of Kamagra jelly is clinically more effective and rapidly acting than conventional hard pills of Viagra.
  • Being a generic version of Viagra, it is much more inexpensive than Viagra and hence, makes the treatment of ED more affordable and possible of all the individuals of any socioeconomic status.
  • Kamagra oral jelly is available without difficulty at local pharmacies and online drugstores.
  • Being in the jelly form, it is very convenient to take this medicine as it is easy to swallow and hence, useful for elderly patients and those who cannot swallow medicines
  • Availability of kamagra jelly in different flavors increases the palatability and esthetic appeal of the medicines and hence, again increasing the patient compatibility.